nvironment and terroir is everything. That’s why French wines tend to go well with French style food and beer goes well with fish and chips! Grenada is known as “The Isle of Spice”. Nutmeg grown in Grenada provides 20% of the world’s supply but Cinnamon, Vanilla, Cloves, Ginger, Mace and Allspice are also abundant. Matching Grenadian Rum to natures harvest is, therefore, a natural and harmonious partnership.
Below you will find some ideas to “spice your own” rum. Quantities are based on 70cl infusing in a tied square of muslin for 24 hours.

Base Recipe:
1⁄2 Nutmeg
1 Vanilla pod, split lengthways 2 Cloves
5cm Cinnamon Stick
1 Star Anise
3 All Spice Berries

To vary the base recipe, try experimenting with the following by adding these ingredients:

Vanilla ~ add 2 additional Vanilla pods, split lengthways

Coffee ~ infuse 2 tablespoons of espresso coffee granules. Note – do not add shots of
espresso as this would dilute the ABV of the rum

Cigar ~ infuse 1 Cohiba cigar in the mixture. This will require additional time to fully release the cigar flavours – an additional 72 hours

Chocolate ~ add in 50g good quality (70% Cocoa solids) chocolate, roughly chopped – preferably Grenadian!

Apple & Raisin ~ roughly chop a handful of raisins and peel, core and chop a sweet apple and allow to infuse in the mixture

Cranberry & White Chocolate ~ roughly chop a handful of dried cranberries and 50g of chopped good quality white chocolate. Infuse.

Orange & Cardamon ~ infuse the peel from half an orange with 6 bashed cardamom pods Chilli ~ for a fiery heat, take one (or two if you’re brave) birds eye chillis, split down the
middle and infuse in the rum.

Ginger & Black Pepper ~ Crush 20 black peppercorns and thinly slice a thumb piece size of ginger to add to the base recipe