70cl / 41.7%​

Six Saints Rum is lovingly crafted on the tiny island of Grenada. Named after the island’s six saintly parishes, it is distilled in small batches using only pure ingredients. 100% tropically aged in ex-bourbon barrels, unsweetened and bottled at 41.7%—the perfect sipping strength!


tasting notes

An exquisite balance of sweet, fruity aromas with a dry style on the palate.

Vanilla, raisin, pineapple, honey

Exotic fruits, spice, nutmeg, cinnamon

Soft lingering notes of vanilla and nutmeg



Six Saints Rum is from the tiny island of Grenada in the West Indies. Located in the south of the island, near the capital St. George, the distillery has been traditionally handcrafting rum since 1937. 

Six Saints Rum is named after the island’s six saintly parishes; Saint Patrick, Saint Mark, Saint John, Saint Andrew, Saint George, and Saint David.




  • Matured in once used Bourbon barrels aged 3-5 years

  • 100% tropically aged in small batches

  • Presented at 41.7% - the perfect sipping strength

  • Distilled the traditional way using direct fire heated column stills, originally from Glasgow, Scotland.


limited edition
single barrel release

SIX SAINTS MADERIA: Aged for an additional six months in a Madeira Cask, adds sweet syrup notes to the classic tropical fruit flavours.

SIX SAINTS oloroso: Aged for an additional six months in an Oloroso sherry barrel, giving notes of stewed tropical fruits, toasted almonds and a touch of spice to finish.

SIX SAINTS PX: Aged for an additional six months in a Pedro Ximénez barrel, adding sweet notes of grilled pineapple, toasted oak and vanilla ice cream alongside the classic tropical fruit flavours.



Six Saints Rum reflects a deep-rooted Grenadian belief in the strength of FRIENDSHIP and COMMUNITY making it the perfect companion at any easy, social drinking occasion shared with friends, naturally.


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